Spring flowers in the Forrest. #mirrorless #lumixnl #microfourthird #lumixlife #lumixandme #lumixwalk #gx8 #nature #naturephotography #landscapephotography #forrest #spring #springisintheair #springvibes #springflowers #lumix Panasonic GX8 – 14-42 HD II


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FOTOGRAAF UIT HOOGEVEEN (THE NETHERLANDS) I’m not a fulltime photographer. I’ve been working as a metalworker and a welder for over 15 years. In my spare time I like to take my camera and go for a walk. If possible, I’ll do it every single day with my m4/3-camera. I visit a lot of places and hotspots in the Netherlands to photograph every interesting (or not so interesting) thing in my way. But I also love to photograph during my holidays. Greece is one of my favorite countries to shoot some beautiful shots. Street photography, architecture, portraits and nature landscapes are my favorite types of photography. All-round Hybrid Photography. In the last years I’ve been using a lot of brands and types of camera’s But I’ve found my match in the Panasonic brand and the lumix G6. the kit 14-45 3.5/5.6 and the sigma 19mm 2.8 ART ( update: I buy a new camera the Lumix GX8 with the 14-42 II ) My knowledge and skills are improving every single time. Believing in yourself and just keep going is my secret to succes. My dream is to become a fulltimer photographer. Hopefully one day, this dream can come true.

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