without fun no good photo.

taking a picture without fun is not a good photo. think of the uninterested passport photo photographer or school photographer, if photography is not your passion and the fun is gone but it has become a trick to earn your money, you can often see this reflected in the work. so that’s why I try different things and discover different styles and techniques. a lot by watching youtube videos and stories on the internet. I have a number of photographers that I definitely want to introduce to you, the photo enthusiasts from whom I get a lot of tips and ideas by reading things from them or by watching the youtube videos.

 Albert dros a Dutch photographer mostly landscape photos a photographer who always makes the available colors stand out. but not too bad that it becomes disturbing or fake, something I often try and learn a lot from the pictures. check out his work and you’ll know what I mean.



James popsys photographer from the UK great videos in beautiful locations and with a clear explanation. I started following him because he has been shooting with a lumix g9 for a long time and later the lumix S5 but now a lot again with sony.



Adam Gibbs English photographer emigrated to Canada and takes the most beautiful pictures there, often in the woods and at foggy moments. also a lot to see in videos of the next one I propose. adam uses fujifilm’s medium format which is something you can only envy. in his videos he often shows the RAW file photo which is quite nice to see what the “edit” has done with the photo.



Gavin Hardcastle (AKA Fototripper) a photographer who takes a lot of time in a location with his sony and fujifilm cameras a lot in canada and here he and his wife make great videos with a lot of humor, you can see the fun and passion for photography back in the videos and photos a friend of adam gibbs and he can often be seen in the videos



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