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Nothing wrong with my old gx8, but I still occasionally come up short while shooting. bought the GX8 when I was still doing a lot of street photography and was actually shooting all round. I was really satisfied with the gx8. but every now and then I just miss that one thing I can’t describe. but if you’ve ever held a G9 in your hand you might understand what I mean,

I was completely lost for a while and didn’t know what to do anymore.

The big question! Is the lumix G still suitable for me and my photography style. Or better to switch to another brand. I hesitated for a long time, but it is an expensive switch to switch completely to another system or even brand. so maybe stay with Lumix and go for the S series? but then you have the same with the expensive lenses and large heavy body and this is perhaps a bit too much for my budget and photography.

All things that made me sleep pretty badly. and now maybe it was also a bit because another brand had promised or suggested me things to go and do fun things but unfortunately withdrew later because I don’t shoot with this brand yet and would actually like to continue using my lumix next door . the point That I thought to myself why did you ever start shooting with Panasonic.

And then I woke up and said to myself. small, light and functional with the buttons and the settings in the right place, those are the things that make Panasonic so great in recent years that I shoot with Lumix bodies. 2008-2022

Why then switch to a system with perhaps slightly more megapixels but a larger body and especially larger lenses and weight. And completely new.

So then I started looking for a newer body such as a G9. I still thought of the G90 but this was only because of the live composite mode and the price. but the G9 is a body that I always found a bit too expensive and initially 4 years ago when I still had a G6 much too big.

But after comparing and thinking about what I expect from a camera, I took the step to continue with Panasonic.

I bought a Lumix G9 and think this camera itself is the best Step for me now in 2022.

A much better lumix G isn’t coming anytime soon. because much of the update would be in the video specs corner.

A 25mp is nice like the gh6 but what does this do to the performance in dark conditions. The stabilization is already very good and there is still room for improvement. The 80mp mode on the g9 do I need a 100 or more megapixel mode.

And the 6k function will be an 8k version. And the body could perhaps be a bit lighter and the screen and evf a bit better. And maybe live ND like Olympus. And live composite mode available. but it wouldn’t change so much that the g9 would fall into thin air.

the price was now right and so bought a G9.

first with my lenses that I already have the kit lenses

14-42 HD II the 35-100 HD and the sigma 19mm 2.8

something I am quite proud of, always getting the best out of this, partly because my budget is not that big for more expensive Leica lenses.

but it’s also nice to show that these are really top lenses, especially for the non-full-time pro photographer. I often get comments and questions about this on social media.

I will now also look for the 12-60 and maybe the 100-300 de (lumix models) these are the lenses that will soon be able to give me the great content you are used to from me and the new 9 mm is a big dream for me. together with the G9 in the future but first with my current lenses and camera gear.

thanks for following my work and liking my photos

greeting Richard snippe


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FOTOGRAAF UIT HOOGEVEEN (THE NETHERLANDS) I’m not a fulltime photographer. I’ve been working as a metalworker and a welder for over 15 years. In my spare time I like to take my camera and go for a walk. If possible, I’ll do it every single day with my m4/3-camera. I visit a lot of places and hotspots in the Netherlands to photograph every interesting (or not so interesting) thing in my way. But I also love to photograph during my holidays. Greece is one of my favorite countries to shoot some beautiful shots. Street photography, architecture, portraits and nature landscapes are my favorite types of photography. All-round Hybrid Photography. In the last years I’ve been using a lot of brands and types of camera’s But I’ve found my match in the Panasonic brand and the lumix G6. the kit 14-45 3.5/5.6 and the sigma 19mm 2.8 ART ( update: I buy a new camera the Lumix GX8 with the 14-42 II ) My knowledge and skills are improving every single time. Believing in yourself and just keep going is my secret to succes. My dream is to become a fulltimer photographer. Hopefully one day, this dream can come true.

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